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back now with more of "today" on this monday morning, july 18th, 2011. it is a great morning here in rockefeller plaza. these nice people are stretching out their weekend for one more day, and we're very glad that they did. and boy, this temperature is kind of nice out here. >> for now. and we're stand nth shade. >> but right now, it's perfect with a nice breeze going. i'm ann curry along with lester holt in for matt. and the big question is, where is casey anthony? >> a good question. a lot of cameras when she was released early sunday morning.
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but she hasn't been seen since, which may be a good idea for now, since her lawyers say she has been receiving death threats since the not guilty verdict. we'll have the latest in a live report, coming up. and on a different topic, with this economy and people struggling to make ends meet, we've got some tips for you to get the best deals out there. prices up across the board with everything from food to technology to travel. the cost of a plane ticket has gone up 15% the last year. so we're going to show you how you can cut your bills, and find the best deals. >> relike that segment. okay and savannah. >> do we all remember show and tell from school? >> of course. >> this week, natalie and i are going to have some fun. we're all teaching each other a skill. and al noticed i could use some help in the cooking department, so here he is trying to teach me how to barbecue. >> i'm sure you did a good job. >> he did a great job. >> fantastic teacher. >> she only got a major -- one major burn on her. >> all right. well, we'll look forward to all of that. but first, let's get a check of
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the news with natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. it's a scorcher today in the nation's mid section, and dangerous temperatures aren't going to let up any time soon. 17 states from texas to michigan are under heat advisories and warnings, coping with high humidity and triple digit temperatures. british prime minister david cameron called for an emergency session of parliament to brief lawmakers on the bribing scandal. and this morning a attorney for rebekah brooks, former editor of "news of the world" arrested over the weekend said she is not guilty of any criminal offense. casey anthony is a free woman today, as you heard. but her whereabouts are unknown. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest now from orlando. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, natalie. after solitary in a cell for three years, in one day, casey anthony, sunday morning, walked out the front door, climbed into an suv, was pursued for a short
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time by news helicopters, and then casey anthony vanished. flanked by her attorney, casey anthony, wearing a bright pink shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers, mouthed a simple thank you to one of the officers in the jail and within 15 seconds, she was out the front door. amid protesters' cat calls, casey made her way to an avoiding suv, where she flashed a slim smile, and then she and her crews sped off. some of those who gathered here still angry at her acquittal gave chase on foot. while from above news helicopters followed the gray suburban. >> get out of the way. we must clear it. >> reporter: deputies had blocked off access, giving casey a secure route to escape the community's anger. >> she is not worth the time of day. after tonight, she is dead in my room. she is gone.
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. >> reporter: the unusually high level of security, including mounted patrols, was put in place after casey's lawyers said she had received repeated death threats. the gray suburban escape vehicle, unlike that other famous chase of the white bronco on california's 405, gave airborne cameramen the slip among the buildings in downtown orlando. it's believed casey went to her attorney's office, but for a while it appeared the suv had driven on to the tarmac at a city airport, where a private jet took off. faa records show the plane went to columbus, ohio. but there's no passenger manifest to reveal if casey was on board. where did casey go? her attorneys won't say, her brother won't say. her parents won't say. >> we're out here for caylee. >> reporter: on sunday, people gathered here where caylee's remains were found. all with a shared sense of anguish. >> i just keep thinking about
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little caylee and how sad that her sweet little life -- she wasn't even 3 years old, and this is what she had to go through. and it just breaks my heart. i just wanted to honor this little girl's memory. >> reporter: cindy anthony is casey's mother. when she was watching on tv those early-morning efforts at the airport, she texased jose baez, which is casey's defense attorney. and according to cindy's attorney, she got back an answer, which was just "she's safe." simply, "safe." and so cindy doesn't know where her daughter went. what we do know this morning is that she is free, she is left, and her whereabouts are unknown. natalie? >> all right, kerry sanders in orlando, florida. thank you, kerry. today is the united nation's nelson mandela day, honoring the former south african president
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on his birthday. president obama says mandela is a beacon for the global community. the boy wizard conjured up a record-breaking weekend at the box office. "harry potter and the deathly ha hallows part 2" took in $168.6 million nationwide. "transformers" second and "horrible bosses" third. you're up to date right now. let's go back outside to lester, ann and savannah. >> thank you, natalie. i was thinking about savannah and we're talking about the weather now, aren't we now? >> we are. >> talking about the weather. i know, i've lost my mind. i had this -- i was thinking about horrible -- >> what did you just say? >> i said ta-tas on the air. >> we're pretty much going everywhere today, al. >> twice. from the justin timberlake/mila kunis interview -- where are you from? >> charleston, south carolina.
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>> whose birthday? >> mine. >> happy birthday! >> thank you. >> what's your name? >> memo emily. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. let's check the weather while we try and put ann back together. a big area of high pressure dominating and no end in sight. we have heat watches and advisories across 16 states. high temperatures stretching almost coast to coast, into the 90s. as we zoom in, show you where this hot, humid weather is. minneapolis today, 98, 96 in st. louis. 102 in oklahoma city. factor in the humidity, 107 it feels like in chicago. feels like 114 in des moines, 105. in minneapolis, 112. this is dangerous weather. and the big problem is, the overnight lows will only drop back into the upper 70s, low to mid 80s. so those temperatures then bounce up even higher, each day as we go along during this week. that's what's going on around the country. here's what'tr
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>> the heat is on as we go back into the work week. upper eighties to mid 90's. in a lot more you might as well. hott got a birthday girl here, what's your name? >> novela. >> happy birthday. is this your sister? oh, there you go. a lot like our director. wet and wants a bottle. all right, natalie? >> all right, al, thank you. this morning on "today's consumer," how to find the best deals on everything from food to travel to technology. elizabeth benef elizabeth benner is here with savvy vagus to helpfully save
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big bucks. good morning. >> good morning. >> it seems like everything is going up in price these days. what's contributing to that? >> a lot of factors, bad harves harvests, crops not doing well, which effects the price of meat and t-shirts and jeans. >> so everything is driving the price up. so is you've got ways to help us cut down on the costs, starting with foods. and "money" magazine says divide and conquer. >> some people think costco is going to have the best price. but actually where costco is best in is sea foods and meats. >> yes, i know. i buy that all of the time. >> and you want produce, go to a farmer's market, find one at and go at the end of the day when they're discounting prices. >> good idea. >> and canned foods and cereals, dollar stores have the best prices. and for gourmet food, lots of flash sales. like guilt group has flash sales on clothing. >> and guilt taste. >> and you can get that there. >> okay. so look for those flash sales, well. and the next is travel.
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and there are a lot of websites out there that always have the best deals when it comes to booking your hotel rooms or booking flights. so what are some of the best places to go when it comes to finding the deals to get away? >> some people don't realize that at, let's say you want to go between new york and chicago and you want to spent less than $250. you can put an alert and they'll scan prices and whenever it drops below that point, you get pinged so you know that's the time to buy. >> do you have to be flexible? you've got to be able to go whenever you get those pings, right? >> that will keep the price down that way. >> okay. but if you're going with a family, what are some other ways you can save? >> one way you can keep the price on accommodations down, go to, another short-term online sale, and you can get luxury properties at 50% off. >> okay, sneak spelled uniquely there as you see. and you'll find alternative getaways, as well. different destinations. >> >> yes, basically if you want a beach get away in europe but can't
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afford italy, they'll say try croatia. >> next-best thing. tech items can get pricey, as well. and figuring out when to buy can save you a lot of money. when is best? >> right. in general after thanksgiving. if you're looking for tvs in particular, wait until after the super bowl, that's when they all go on sale. >> of course. >> and if you're looking for a laptop, next month before back to school season is the time to do it. cheapest. >> good to know. and also, if you're not meeting that new technology right away, you can always buy last-year's model at a discount, right? >> yes, that's a great idea. great tip. >> and neck next is buying a new car. you've got great ways to find the best price, as well. >> first, figure out what car is worth it to you. so go to, and and
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bidders -- if you hate haggling, they'll fight it out, so you can pick the lowest price, no haggleling at all. >> and if you are in a haggling situation, how do you recommend doing huh? >> come armed knowing with what the sticker price is, go to to find out what typical people pay, and go in and say other people are paying this, how come you're charging me that? >> okay. you've got to know and do your research firsthand. thanks so much. with "money" magazine. if you want to check out other money-saving tips, log on to our website, and still it come this morning, which one is right for you? the bras for your lifestyle. and al teaches savannah to cook. or at least she attempts to cook. after these messages. bye sweetie! you'll do great. [ laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1...
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scary. this morning, we're kicking off a special series called "show and tell" where we each take a turn showing our favorite hobbies. we try to teach each other. >> it's no secret one of us needs help in the kitchen. >> we'll see how i improved after my good friend here came to the rescue. >> so -- >> you don't like to cook at all. >> i heard that. >> this is a complicated recipe. >> i am no cook. >> yes, when it comes to cooking, i'm a kitchen catastrophe. but lucky for me, i knew just who to turn to for a little help. >> hey, how are you? savannah. what is this for? >> oh, back-up plan. oh, come on. >> back-up plan? we don't need no stinkin' back-up plan! >> what if it doesn't go well?
9:17 am
>> so we put the pizza away, and my lunch time lesson began. >> i loved it when may mom made strawberry rhubarb pie and i don't know how to do it at all. >> so your mom sent this recipe. >> she is hoping you would do an intervention. >> all right. so before we get started, look, i don't really use aprons, because if you're cooking in the backyard, you just get messy. but i thought you might like this. ♪ >> dressing the part, it was time to tackle the recipe. >> some tapioca. >> that's tapioca? that's not what it looks like in the politiclittle plastic -- yo had that? it's good. with al's support, i added the fruit filling, hoping to make al proud. >> just like mom used to make. i think my mom would be thrilled to see me here learning a new skill. >> a mother is kind of judged by her daughter, and it appears that savannah was raised by
9:18 am
wolves. [ howling ] >> what do i do with this? >> what do you think? >> i guess just lay it on. >> yes! but no, you've got to seal it. >> do we have any tape? >> yeah, we've got a staple gun in the back. >> as my mom's pie began to bake, it was time to get grilling, taking on one of al's favorites, barbecued chicken. >> we're going to make the rub first, six tablespoons of light brown sugar. >> all right. >> it didn't change since you picked it up. you don't have to be quite so exact. >> that's one. shoot. okay. >> okay. then -- two tablespoons of chili powder. >> it's not coming out. i'm sorry i spilled a little bit of it. >> now we're going to do one tablespoon of paprika. >> paprika. i like the sound of that. you know i have a dress this color. >> could savannah be the next great chef? >> i'm sure al would agree, i have something of a natural ability to cook.
9:19 am
>> did you ever see her work at the white house? really stellar. this is the fun part. you're going to rub the chicken with the rub. >> okay. so that's the chicken. >> there's the chicken. now, just take some of that rub like that, and rub it. you're massaging the chicken. >> now i feel a little dirty when you say it like that. ♪ >> is that enough? so i put my hand right back in there? >> put it in and keep going. >> do you feel like that guy got enough? >> i'm sure he's very happy. he's having a cigarette right now. >> i come from a good background. i barely know those chickens. >> wow. i bet they miss you so much at the white house. >> a comical coach, al took the lead at the grill. >> we'll go back in, flip it over, eight minutes. >> but after some simple training, i basted. >> it's like painting. painting while almost setting yourself on fire. >> added charcoal. >> oh, this is kind of a messy situation. >> grilled corn. >> this is really fun. >> exciting. yeah. >> thanks, al.
9:20 am
>> and then it was back to the kitchen to check on our pie. >> ooh. it smells fantastic. >> i think it's beautiful. >> it's a work of art. >> i think mom might actually be proud of me for the first time in her life. >> us. >> us, because we did it together. >> right. >> and together, we would put our taste buds to the test. let's eat! >> oh, yeah, baby! >> this is good. very tender and delicious. i taste that rub, too. >> it's barbecue. use your hands. >> all right. >> first -- before you -- you also have to enjoy it with your senses. smell that. >> seriously? what am i, in fourth grade? >> more importantly, let's try the pie. >> let's. hey, let's cut it. this looks -- >> oh, i've got to tell you, i'm pretty impressed. >> tastes good! >> really is. >> all right. >> and natalie, you were just saying how much you liked that pie. we gave savannah the golden
9:21 am
spatula. we want you to try her pie. >> i'm dying to try it. >> let's bring the pie out. >> the pie we did. come on, the same pie frozen. >> and let's -- >> it's brought by savannah's mom. >> savannah, i'm going to tell you -- >> are you kidding me? i didn't hear from you all weekend. i'm like, where is she? >> i'm here! >> savannah's mom. how are you? >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> hi. it's so great to see you. what did you think of her lesson? >> well, i hardly got to see it. looking forward -- did she say i'm not familiar with chicken or -- yes. i could just see her going -- putting that on, like, ooh, ooh. >> her other two kids are fine, they know how to cook, what happened to you. >> are you surprised? >> i'm shocked. i'm absolutely shocked. and so happy to see this face.
9:22 am
>> oh! >> did you try the pie? >> not yet. >> give it a try. >> you want me to give it -- >> yeah. >> i was pretty impressed. when she laid the top, come on, she had help. >> store-bought. >> there you go. you can't trust these guys. okay, here we go. >> martha stewart wasn't available to help. >> mmmm. delicious. >> it is! see? >> your mom's seal of approval. >> i'm just in shock right now. >> a gold star for that. >> thank you, mom. >> she didn't slack off? >> yeah, because we all remember my mom's first appearance on the "today" show. >> i want to set the record straight. >> yes. >> that was only in high school, and it was only academically. >> oh. >> that she was a slacker. >> she was a hard worker. >> and she still is. >> well, we've got a lot more with savannah tomorrow. >> oh, gosh. >> you get to be the teacher. >> that's right. i'm going to teach matt how to play the guitar. she is extremely musical. she is brilliant. >> it's meet you. we're back right after this.
9:23 am
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coming up, finding the right bra for your figure. >> that's my mom! >> and jennifer lopez and mark anthony call it quits. older peoe are becoming more and more antisocial, so i was really aggressive with my parents about joining facebook. my parents are up to 19 friends now? so sad. ♪ i have 687 friends. this is living. what!? that is not a real puppy. that's too small to be a real puppy. [ male announcer ] toyota venza. keep on rolling. ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ sun in the sky ♪ you know how i feel ♪ breeze drifting on by
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> back into the work week and a typical suite and humidity. temperatures are really warming up. mid-to-upper 80's in the mountains, low 90s as a guide to the southern shore. sunshine early on, and
9:29 am
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[ boy ] goldfish sandwich bread in "the new kid in town"! is that the new kid? yeah, he says he can dunk. he's full of baloney. actually, it's peanut butter and jelly! whoa! whoa! new! wholesome! goldfish sandwich bread! whew! we did it! yes! >> i had a breakthrough. ♪ i had a breakthrough >> sing it. tell it, girl. >> i learned how to play the g. ♪ >> we rocked. >> don't worry. i'm not quitting my day job but tomorrow on "show and tell," i get a guitar lesson from ms. savannah guthrie who taught herself how to play the guitar, by the way. >> and it shows. >> no, she is amazing. that's coming up tomorrow on
9:31 am
"today." so we know she can't cook, but she can play that guitar. >> we'll talk about it more tomorrow, but this one has great musical talent, natalie. >> we're going back -- we want to review that reaction you had a few minutes ago when you saw your mom come out here. the look on you face. your jaw dropped. and the flies swarmed. >> and then i started to cry. i was just so excited to see my mom. i haven't seen her -- well, actually, i saw her two weeks ago, so i don't know why i was so excited. she looked so pretty and i don't know -- overwhelming. these people keep a very good secret. >> she was avoiding all day, all morning. >> she is going to spend the whole week. >> she is, we're going to have fun. she has been wanting to come to new york, and now she is here. thank you, "today" show. >> i love that reaction. another talented co host with us this morning, who also happens to be a new york times
9:32 am
best-selling author. ho hoda kotb, and she will tell us how her life has changed since writing the book. >> yeah, a big breakthrough in the relationship department, as well. because of the book. you'll hear that story. and in "today's" kitchen, you've got some day-old bread lying around, we'll show you how to make some classic italian salads that are hearty enough to serve as a meal. >> do you have recipes for week-old bread lying around, month-old bread? >> that's when it's going to be penicillin. and then the right bra can make all of the difference in a woman's wardrobe. so style expert bobbi thomas is here with the best bras to flatter your figure. she is looking good modeling that bra. but first, al, a check of the weather if you can concentrate now. >> i'm wearing a manzier, and i feel great. >> it fits just right. >> it does. >> let's check your weather --
9:33 am
lifts and separates. for the week ahead, a little cool for the west coast. above-normal temperatures for two-thirds of the rest of the country. we've got more of the same mid-week period, nothing really changes. as we get to the latter part of the week, temperatures normal out, out west, although right along the coast stays cooler. and, again, we are still in that dangerous heat for the eastern two-thirds of the united states. that's what's going on around the co >> welcome back to the heat and humidity we know all too well. temperatures today, 90's. suns and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, how our
9:34 am
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♪ jif to go, wherever you go last october, our great friend hoda kotb wrote a great book. it comes out in paper book tomorrow. good to see you. >> hey, mr. roker, how are you? >> let's go back almost five years. >> okay. >> i remember sitting in your hospital room.
9:38 am
>> uh-huh. >> and you were writing back then. did you have any idea that what you started writing, that during that period, during your breast cancer survivor -- >> it's weird -- >> did you know you were going to do that. >> when you just said you were sitting next to my bedside, i got this wave of emotion remembering that day. that's so weird. you know, it's so funny, it's been almost five years, and you think that at a certain point, you say that was then and this is now. but i did journal. and i remember you sitting by my bedside talking to me and i was writing stuff down and i figured if i could put it on paper it would get it off my heart and sometimes you need to get rid of things. i didn't imagine it would wind up in a book ever. but i thought at least i would have a choice, get it off my chest and then decide. >> you talk about getting rid of things, 2007, you got rid of a bad husband. and you got rid of the breast cancer. >> o thank you, al.
9:39 am
yeah, it was weird to have both of those things happening in the same year. bus normally you would think, what's worse than this, having two kind of twin tragedies together? but i think the weird thing about grief is, if you have two big things happening at the same time, i think you really do have a finite amount of grief to go around. you can only give so much to whatever is going wrong with your marriage because you're worried about your health test results and only worry about your health because you're worried what happened to my marriage so you sort of split the grief. and it's almost like having two kids instead of one. you can't worry about that kid cribseling on the walls -- >> speaking of kids scribbling on the walls -- kathie lee. >> these segways are crazy. >> how did you survive that? >> first of all, that's why we have booze on the set. second of all, it's been quite an adventure. and it has been such a freeing experience for me, because i was so used to being buttoned up, from "dateline" and following scripts and rules and stuff. and obviously in this show,
9:40 am
there are no rules. don't ask what we're doing there. but everything is free. and i -- there's something about that feeling of letting go, undoing a news corset, having a few sips of something. just a couple. >> and then you write this book. it's a run-away best seller. you're at a book signing, and you meet somebody who is going -- who has now changed your life. >> you know, you wonder why you do things. and i've got to be honest, i did wonder why i wrote that book. and these two young girls in their 20s showed up in line at the book store. and they said -- i said, you want me to sign a book? and they said no, we want to give you something, and it was a laminated piece of paper and it said "ten reasons you should date our dad." and i started dating their dad, and it's been since october. >> there's you and jay. >> that's jay. and you wonder why you do things in life. there he is again. he's loving this. oh, my god. anyway, but it's -- it really did transform my life. sometimes you wonder why -- >> he's a country music star?
9:41 am
[ laughter ] >> that's what you wear in the west, baby. come on. you're in trouble. all over -- >> you're ending the book with a chapter called "forward." >> yeah. i think -- i wear this ring, and it says -- it's a pink breast cancer ring and says "forward" and i fiddle with it a lot and it reminds me if you get stuck in the weeds on what ever your big issue is in life, you have to continue to look straight ahead. and i'm reminded of that. and so we'll see what the next chapter of life is. >> and you and kathy lee will be -- >> we're signing books at the great, great bookstore on r rohobeth avenue. >> and he will will be at the grand 'ole opry this weekend? >> you are dead meat. just telling you. >> thank you. hoeda kotb's book in stores
9:42 am
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9:46 am
>> this is true. so many women are in the wrong bra size, to start with. >> yeah, unfortunately, most women by buy cup sizes that are too small and band width that is too big and the straps size. you have been fitted. i know you were a little shy about admitting. >> thanks, bobbi. tell the whole world about it. yeah. anyway, moving on -- >> it's a really great thing. we can all laugh, but it's the first thing you put on before you put anything else on. and sometimes if you're -- especially if you have a bigger breast, you -- if you have something that's not supporting you right, it will hang down near your waistline and make you look bigger than you are. so you want to make sure you can lift those up. >> you sold me. let's look at our first bra. melanie is wearing the peak performance bra, nice sports bra. >> yeah, this is a question i get all of the time. the sports bra. how can i work out? this is an award-winning bra from anita. it has moisture-wicking fabric, the way it's constructed, it
9:47 am
won't give you una-boob, has a great look to it, doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a training bra, really great. >> all right, melanie, thank you so much. now let's go to randi in the pump up the volume bra, when you want a little padding, but not overdone. >> this is another common complaint, he want a little more volume, but you don't want to look like you're wearing arrest more. and the little bra company, the lucia lace bra and randi was okay with me saying she is a size double a but feels like she can move into an a or b category with this bra and feels natural. it's a natural fit with a discrete padding. >> thank you. you look great. let's go to the peek-a-boo bra. and for that we have nancy modeling. >> it's tank top season. and especially for women like us that are at work and you want the to conceal cleavage, and not show it off, this is a great option. it's from shape effects at --
9:48 am it's a great price, $29. they come in sorted colors in every season they have more colors. >> and you don't mind if it shows. >> no, you want it to have a little peek-a-boo and has extra coverage and still underwire so you don't feel like it's a bandaeu. >> this is the every day bra which we all need. >> this is maidenform's lilia key hole minimizer bra. mouthful. but the minimizer, don't let that word scare you. it's the perfect t-shirt bra, seamless, really keeps your girls just in the right place. and i know it sounds funny, but women really want that. and it's comfortable. the straps don't look like a bra strap, so if you have a tank or dress that shows, it's cool. >> one more. this is the pretty plus bra, and tomika. i hope i said your name right. >> yes, she is beautiful and was telling me how she couldn't find
9:49 am
a bra that was pretty and also gave comfortable, full coverage. and she is wearing the pinache bra, they have styles up to 56j. >> let's have the reads come out one more time. showing off the bras. and remember, it's the size. got to get the right size. thank you so much, bobbi thomas. coming up next, rustic bread salads. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
♪ you are the dancing queen this morning in ""today's" kitchen," bread salads. you can throw bread on the grill for a satisfying male that won't weigh you down. the renaissance chef from arlington capital crew. good morning. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. i'm a big fan of summer salads,
9:52 am
and this is a hearty summer salad. >> very much so. >> the panzanella salad. you have been making this since you were 2 years old. so a lot of love in this salad. what do we start with? >> great grilled bread, extra virgin olive oil. >> and you use day-old bread? >> best way, reinvigorates your bread, right off the grill. something you do outside. once it comes off, tear it up with our hands. don't need a knife. >> i like that. >> jump right in. >> so we're going to -- big chunks, right? >> absolutely of the it will soak up all of the vinaigrette and grab a lot of flavor here. >> that's great. and what's the basis in this sal salad? >> greens and a romaine heart and red oak also a type of romaine, anchovies, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers and tuscan olives. >> so all in season right now, too. >> absolutely. >> the tomatoes, especially. >> yeah, tomatoes we do in our restaurant about six and a half hours in the oven. if you don't like to do them at
9:53 am
home, you can definitely find them in the store, very easily. >> sun-dried tomatoes. >> absolutely. >> and then fresh lemon to make it pop, a lot of flavor and brightness. >> i could eat this whole bowl right here. this is a small salad. >> and then oregano vinaigrette and dijon. >> delicious. so the lemon juice and then the oregano vinaigrette and then the parmesan. >> the parmesan reggiano, the good stuff. >> and this is -- >> micro basil. for sweetness. can't go wrong. >> fantastic. salt and pepper to taste, right? >> absolutely. finish up there. some great sea salt and fresh crackeded pepper. >> perfect. >> and can't go wrong. >> okay. looks fantastic. and meantime, as we take the bread off the grill there, you've got another great salad here. and this is a foe focaccia.
9:54 am
>> extra virgin olive oil, just brush it on quick. >> and the great taste with the rosemary on the top, too. >> absolutely. the fresh herb is amazing. takes about a minute. >> and then here the foe focaccia which you cubed up. >> this is a great fork style, a type of salami. >> red onion. tomatoes, artichoke, fennel and chickpeas. and then our greens? >> baby mosh, rah radiccio. this is great, i can take a day off now. >> salt and pepper. a little sea salt in there. >> okay. and the same dijon vinaigrette. >> dijon oregano vinaigrette.
9:55 am
can't go wrong. this is one of the great salads, you can add to it, throw chicken, grilled shrimp. >> we'll serve it up and show how the great salads look. david, you are fantastic. thanks for being so quick with us. >> not a problem. >> and the surprise breakup with jennifer lopez and mark anthony.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. you probably noticed something different as you step outdoors. a lot more humid, especially
9:58 am
compared to this weekend. hot and humid conditions, highs in the upper eighties to mid- 90's. it is going to continue to warm up. tonight, a chance for ring ring progresso i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. you know they're the only ones endorsed by weight watchers. they taste so good. now we're adding even bigger pieces of white meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it! are you wearing it... right now? yes! well, good for you.
9:59 am
[ shopper ] excuse me. oh, so sorry. you look nice. oh, thank you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.

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